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 548408 FAG  TOP 10 Oil and Gas Equipment Bearings  548408 FAG  TOP 10 Oil and Gas Equipment Bearings  548408 FAG  TOP 10 Oil and Gas Equipment Bearings  548408 FAG  TOP 10 Oil and Gas Equipment Bearings

548408 FAG TOP 10 Oil and Gas Equipment Bearings

The Schaeffler Group is a global automotive and industrial supplier. Top quality, outstanding technology, and exceptionally innovative spirit form the basis for the...
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Product Description

The Schaeffler Group is a global automotive and industrial supplier. Top quality, outstanding technology, and exceptionally innovative spirit form the basis for the continued success of the company. By delivering high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications, as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications, the Schaeffler Group is already shaping “Mobility for tomorrow” to a significant degree.

The technology company generated sales of approximately EUR 14 billion in 2017. With more than 90,000 employees, Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest family companies and, with approximately 170 locations in over 50 countries, has a worldwide network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies.

Product Information, Repair Solutions, and Services Worldwide

Are you interested in high-precision components and systems for engines, transmissions, and chassis? Schaeffler offers components and system solutions for both vehicles with drive trains based on the internal combustion engine and hybrid and electric vehicles. The main products include clutch systems, transmission components, torsion dampers, valve train systems, camshaft phasing units, and electric drives.

Would you like to know more about repair solutions for the automotive aftermarket and services for the workshop? The Automotive Aftermarket division is responsible for the automotive replacement parts business worldwide and supplies components and comprehensive repair solutions for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and tractors. The comprehensive range includes products for clutch and clutch release systems as well as engine, transmission, and, chassis. All components are optimally matched to each other and allow parts to be replaced quickly and professionally.

Are you looking for information on our rolling and plain bearing solutions for industrial applications or our services such as calculation, maintenance, and condition monitoring? The Industrial division’s product portfolio includes rolling and plain bearings, linear technology, maintenance products, monitoring systems, and direct drive technology. The Industrial division offers a broad spectrum of bearing solutions, ranging from high-speed and high-precision bearings with small diameters through to large-size bearings over three meters in diameter. The focus here is increasingly on smart products and the interconnection of components.

Scheerer FAG Toxrington National SKF Ideco American Gaxdener/Denvex Contixenxal/EMSCO
10345-RIT 545999 E-1837-B ZB-26250 464778 IB-672 ADA-16202 12-AM-3 7602-0212-78
10431-RT 544000 C-7425-B ZB-28515 464777 IB-676 ADA-42603 12-W-84 7602-0212-68
10533-RIT 545611 I-2059-B ZB-22000 464779 IB-678 ADA-28364 12-W-60 6397-0267-89
10565-RP 549350 N-2653-B ZB-4260 464776 IB-340 ADD-42605 12-W-58 6397-0267-00
10643-RT 549351 N-2504-B ZB-7370 BN-
IB-335 ADD-42805 106174 7602-0212-69
10700-RIT 549993 N-2720-B 6301-0038-00 464774 IB-320 ADA-16223 106175 6301-0038-00
10707-RT 544758 E-1769-B ZB-5620 464766 IB-325 ADD-42205 106177 7602-0212-91
10769-RP 544515 N-2915-B 6319-0078-00 BN-
IB-359 215-ADA-
106173 7602-0212-90
10787-RIT 10-6061 I-2139-C ZA-4250 464761 IB-612 AD-4540-D 106172 7602-0211-09
10789-RAD 544002 G-3020-B ZA-4251 TNU-9238 IB-612 ADA-42007 106176 7602-0212-88
10808-RIT 547424 N-2165-B ZA-4750 TNU-05036 IB-336 TB-8029 7602-0212-67
10809-RIT 1331-T-1 I-2361-G ZA-4500 TNU-05040 IB-626 AD-4730-D 7602-0210-36
10865-TBV 546597 E-1788-B ZA-4501 TNU-05044 IB-616 ADA-26334 7602-0210-37
10888-TP 10-6093 C-7424-B ZA-4751 BC-
IB-631 ADA-42601 7602-0210-38
10978-TB 544979 N-2672-B ZA-4752 IB-728 AD-4814-D 7602-0210-39
10992-SE 546109 C-2313-A ZA-5000 IB-539 AD-4644-D 7602-0210-41
11001-SE 10-6040 E-1713-B ZA-5250 IB-526 ADA-42207
11020-RT 10-6092 C-2314-A ZA-7000 IB-527 ADA-42002
11055-RT 10-6041 E-1938-B ZB-9449 IB-731 AD-4630-D
11098-NNU 544759 N-2916-B ZB-11024 IB-702 AD-5040
11115-RIT 539187 E-1927-B ZB-8663 IB-537 AD-5140
11116-RA 10-6164 E-1906-B ZB-8665 IB-429 AD-5144
11117-RA 10-6062 G-3075-B ZB-4336 IB-411 AD-5232-X
11118-RA 544513 G-2791-B ZB-4712 IB-439 BT-10001
11125-RA 543431 G-2792-B ZB-5124 IB-444 BT-10012
11126-RA 543435 240-RU-30 ZB-5512 IB-593 AD-10006-A
11143-RT 10-6486 260-RU-30 21-107-039 IB-422 ADA-28344
11168-RT 543436 280-RU-30 ZB-28005 IB-447 AD-4812-D
11181-RA 510616 220-RT-30 IB-427 AD4746D
11182-RA 543433 220-RU-51 IB-446 ADD42605
11185-RIT 549829 A-5136-WS IB-347 AD4845D
11186-RT 548404 200-RU-91 IB-670 ADD42805
11187-RAB 544516 220-RU-91 IB-671 AD4746D
11188-RA 549830 A-5222-WS AD4644D
ECS-620 548408 120-RU-92 AD4730D
ECS-622 542571 130-RU-92 ADA42207
ECS-629 544555 140-RU-92 AD5140
HCS-283 544551 A-5230-WS AD4814D
HCS-284 544554 160-RU-92 ADA426334
HCS-285 544519 190-RU-92 AD5144
HCS-287 10-6162 I-1962-G AD4814D
HCS-295 10-6487 260-TVL-635 ADA42603

Misc. Ref. P/N RBC P/N Timken ® Rollway®
F-200636 ZB-7120 EDTJ7857610 N-2802-B MUC5136 ZP175(LS) 5692/530 91682/530
10771-RP ZB-7370 EDSJ75875 N-2672-B E-5140-UMR ZP205(LS) 5617/520 1689/520
F-65877 ZB-14500 TDO76582 HM265049-90068 MUC5144 ZP275 NU2322EM 32622H
F-202670 ZB-26250 NP76507 N-2653-B MUC5144 ZP375 22322CA C3W33 3G53622H
12-RA-44 ZB-8253 EDSJ75879 N-2759-B W-4482 5692/650X1/YA3 91682/800
114-Z-01 ZT-15000 TDO76511 M268730-90096 MUC5136 5617/620 1687/620
85-X-04 ZB-28515 NP76508 N-2504-B X39042 NU2330EM 32630H
F-200540 ZB-9005 EDTJ76336 N-3483-A E5238U 22330CA C3W33 3G53630H
F-201602 ZT-16125 TDO76579 M270730-902A9 MUC5148 5692/800 91682/800295
G-3145-B ZB-32000 NUP76506 N-3155-C 5611/800 1681/800
F-94477 65-725-960 EDSJ75875 N-2672-B 22330CA C3W33 3G53630H
F-202675 65-725-959 NUP76662 O-1559-C NU2330EM 32630H
F-85928 7602-0212-90 EDSJ76026 E-1927-B 2327/1049YA 2687/1049
F-87656 7602-0212-89 NUP76660 E-1926-B NU2330EM 32630H
R-92906 7602-0211-09 NU76642 180RU91 R3 22330CA C3W33 3G53630H
F-92905 6397-0267-00 EDTJ76027 E-1788-B
E-5224-UMR 6319-0078-00 NUP76659 E-1906-B
E-5226-UMR 7602-0212-88 NU76643 200RU91 R3
E-5228-UMR 6301-0038-00 EDSJ76045 E-1713-B
E-5230-UMR 7602-0212-69 NUP76657 C-7424-B
E-5238-UMR 7602-0212-67 NU76635 220RU91 R3
E-5240-UMR 6301-0038-00 EDSJ76045 E-1713-B
390-65 7602-0212-06 NUP76658 C-7425-B
F-660781 7602-0212-67 NU76635 220RU91 R3
10551-TVL 65-725-957 EDSJ75872 O-1357-B
201-X-02 12BA44 EDSJ75949 G-3020-B
10547-TVL 12W85 NUP76661 G-3075-B
10552-TVL 12W58 NU76642 180RU91 R3
10552-TVL 12AM3 EDSJ76046 G-2791-B
F-660811 12W84 NUP76637 G-2792-B
10538-TB 12W60 NU76647 A-5238-WM R6
202-X-04 12BA5 EDSJ76045 E-1713-B
10543-TVL 12BA6 NUP76663 G-3147-B
10544-TVL 12BA181 NU76645 240RU91 R3

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