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 511/530X NACHI TOP 10 Bearing  511/530X NACHI TOP 10 Bearing  511/530X NACHI TOP 10 Bearing  511/530X NACHI TOP 10 Bearing

511/530X NACHI TOP 10 Bearing

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded as a tool manufacturer in the City of Toyama in December 1928 based on founder Kohki Imura’s philosophy that “Domestic ability to produce...
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Product Description

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded as a tool manufacturer in the City of Toyama in December 1928 based on founder Kohki Imura’s philosophy that “Domestic ability to produce machine tools is fundamental to the development of Japan’s machine industry.” Ten years after its founding, the firm set up a steel mill and established an integrated production system covering aspects from materials to the final product.

Then, the firm expanded its operations into the fields of tools and bearing based on its quality materials. No other company in the world is so involved in machining equipment like tools, robots, bearings, hydraulic equipment, and materials.

Through complex and linked Nachi Business - machining business with machining, robots, and the like, functional components business with bearings, hydraulic equipment, and the like, materials business with materials and heat treatment - the firm “Contributes to the development of the world of product manufacture.”

Machining field
Cutting tools, plastic forming tools, cutting tools,
Precision molds, machining systems
Industrial robot field
Robot system, electronic equipment
Functional component field
Various bearings, hydraulic parts, auto parts, shock absorption systems, coolant purification systems
Material field
Special steel, coating, industrial furnace

Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings
These are thrust bearings containing tapered rollers. TT-type bearings, which have a
rib on the housing washer, can accurately guide the shaft in the radial direction. TTFtype
bearings, which have no rib on the housing washer, can tolerate some eccentricity
during operation.
Spherical Thrust Roller Bearings
These are thrust bearings containing barrel-shaped rollers (convex rollers). They
have a self-aligning capability and are free of any influence of mounting error or shaft
deflection. Besides the original type, the E type with pressed cages, and the EM type
with machined brass cage for high load capacity are also available. Their bearing
numbers are suffixed by E.
Since there are several places where lubrication is difficult, such as the area between
the roller heads and shaft washer rib, the sliding surfaces between cage and guide
sleeve, etc., oil lubrication should be used even at low speed.
The cages in the original type are machined brass.
Tolerances and Running Accuracy
Thrust Ball Bearings...................................................Table 2.5 (Pages A26 and A27)
Cylindrical Roller
Thrust Bearings......................................According to Table 2.5 (Pages A26 and A27)
Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings................................Table 2.6 (Page A28)
Spherical Thrust Roller Bearings.............................Table 2.7 (Page A29)
Recommended Fits......................................................Table 3.3 (Page A35)
Table 3.5 (Page A36)
Thrust Ball Bearings
Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings
Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings
Spherical Thrust Roller Bearings
For inch design tapered roller thrust bearings, please contact NSK.
Dimensions Related to Mounting
The dimensions related to mounting of spherical thrust roller bearings are listed in
the Bearing Table.
If the bearing load is heavy, it is necessary to design the shaft shoulder with ample
strength in order to provide sufficient support for the shaft washerib.
Permissible Misalignment
The permissible misalignment of spherical thrust roller bearings varies depending on
the size, but it is approximately 1° to 2° with average loads.
Minimum Axial Load
It is necessary to apply some axial load to thrust bearings to prevent slippage between
the rolling elements and raceways. For more detail

Whether it is an excavator, a wheel loader, a paver or a concrete mixer, the best performance with precision control is critical to SINGLE-DIRECTION THRUST BALL BEARINGS NSK, which requires a strong drive and control system support. In addition, the SINGLE-DIRECTION THRUST BALL BEARINGS NSK industry is facing unprecedented challenges, rising energy prices, and compliance with local market emissions standards, which have led to growing demand for energy-efficient, low-emission solutions for Bearing 511/530X manufacturers. Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Incwith many years of application experience, innovative products and hydraulic technology know-how, and you face the challenges, so that you in the fierce
competition in the market come to the fore.
Time, reliability and efficiency are critical when transferring drilling equipment. Therefore, you need a rugged SINGLE-DIRECTION THRUST BALL BEARINGS NSK to ensure reliable operation of Bearing 511/530X even in harsh operating environments. Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc has a reliable drive and control solution to power your SINGLE-DIRECTION THRUST BALL BEARINGS NSK on demand. As the Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc drive device diameter is small, light weight, can significantly reduce the overall weight of drilling Bearing 511/530X, and save the installation space.
Therefore, the drilling Bearing 511/530X is light and mobile, and it makes it suitable for use in harsh workplaces and remote mountain areas. Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc not only offers a full range of high-quality products,select Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc integrated solutions, can effectively improve the drilling Bearing 511/530X performance, and improve equipment productivity.
Production Support + Teleservice
Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc helps you to constantly achieve the optimum
Your needs are changing; technological innovations offer the opportunity to modernize your existing CNC machining center: Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc's Production Support of helps you at all times to achieve the optimum.
We accompany and continually optimize your production processes
Our application specialists analyze existing programs, check production processes, and work out the optimum strategy together with you. Constant control and accompaniment during the process, and precisely planned and executed "pit stops" will help you get ahead of the competition and ensure your success.
Thanks to the intensive and trusting cooperation with our customers, we are able to achieve agreed-upon production goals such as number of pieces and quality quickly and successfully.
The advantages of Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc's Production Support:
Reduction of cycle time due to the use of the latest technology
Integration of the latest software
Manufacturing sample parts before and after upgrading hardware and software

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