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Types of Bearing

Types of Bearing

Relocating bearing (SL02 48, SL02 49 collection).
The minimal radial lots C0/P for continual operation is much less than 60 levels.
The quit ring for inner sharing and setting up can not bear any axial load.
The variation between inner and external rings need to be taken into consideration.
Unidirectional placing bearing
( SL18 18, SL18 29, SL18 30, SL18 22, SL19 23, SL18 50, LSL 19 23, ZSL19 23 series).
The preserving edge should be totally supported to transfer the axial force.
The minimal radial tons C0/P for constant procedure is less than 60 degrees.
The quit ring for interior conveying as well as putting together can not birth any axial load.
The variation in between internal and external rings have to be taken into consideration.
Positioning bearing (SL01 48, SL01 49 series).
Axial clearance is 0.1-0.2 mm.
The preserving edge for transmitting axial pressure must be completely supported.
The minimum radial load C0/P for continuous operation is much less than 60 levels.
The external ring should be securely axially placed.
Repaired aspect can not bear any type of axial tons.

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