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61025-29 YRX Eccentric  White Russia Bearings 15×40.5×28

61025-29 YRX Eccentric White Russia Bearings 15×40.5×28

609A08-15 YSX eccentric bearing 15×40.5×14 Bearing Model 61025-29 YRX Type roller bearings...
  • 61025-29 YRX Eccentric White Russia Bearings 15×40.5×28
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Product Description

609A08-15 YSX eccentric bearing 15×40.5×14

Bearing Model 61025-29 YRX
Type roller bearings
Description eccentric bearing
Dimensions 15×40.5×28mm
d 15 mm
D 40.5 mm
B 28 mm
Weight 0.3kg
Service NeutralAs per your request
Package Carton BoxesWooden CasesPallets
Stock Qty 3000 pcs
612 0608 YRX 22UZ21106T2 PX1 4110608 YEX
612 1115 YSX 22UZ21111 22UZ21111T2 PX1
22UZ411 1115T2X-EX 22UZ2111115T2 PX1
612 1317 YSX 22UZ2111317T2 PX1 22UZ411 1317T2X-EX
612 21 YRX 22UZ21121T2 PX1
612 2529 YSX 22UZ2112529T2 PX1 22UZ411 2529T2X-EX
612 35 YRX 22UZ21135T2 PX1
612 43 YSX 22UZ21143T2 PX1 22UZ411 43T2X-EX
612 5159 YSX 22UZ2115159T2 PX1 22UZ411 5159T2X-EX
612 7187 YSX 22UZ2117187T2 PX1 22UZ411 7187T2X-EX
22UZ830611 PX1 22UZ311 22UZ8311
22UZ8317 22UZ831729 22UZ317
22UZ329 22UZ8329
22UZ335 22UZ8335
22UZ343 22UZ8343
22UZ359 22UZ8359
22UZ387 22UZ8387
408 YXX 607 YSX 19UZS208T2
614 06-11 YSX 25UZ8506-11 25UZ8506-11T2
614 13-17 YSX 25UZ8513-17 25UZ8513-17T2
614 2125 YSX 25UZ852125417T2S 25UZ8513-17T2S
614 2935 YSX 25UZ852935 25UZ852935T2
614 43-59 YSX 25UZ854359 25UZ8543-59T2
614 7187 YSX 25UZ857187 25UZ857187T2
25UZ8587 25UZ487 25UZ429
616 0608 YRX2 35UZ860608T2
616 11-15 YRX2 35UZ8611 35UZ8611-15
616 17-25 YRX2 35UZ8617 35UZ8617-25
616 2935 YSX 35UZ862935 35UZ862935T2
616 4351 YSX 35UZ864351T2S
616 59 YSX 35UZ8659 35UZ8659T2
616 71 YRX 35UZ8671 35UZ8671T2
616 87 YSX 35UZ8687 35UZ8687T2

In recent years, the papermaking industry has been making great strides by enhancing the speed and the width of coverage of papermaking machines with the objective of boosting productivity. To reduce the amount of downtime caused by unexpected problems, customers demand high reliability from the 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 that are used in papermaking machines. 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 has developed a range of bearings that meet these demands, and the company's bearings are used in all sections of modern papermaking machines. In particular, 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 is supporting papermaking with two kinds of bearings:
・TL (tough and long life) bearings designed specifically for dryers. These were developed by taking full advantage of the company's material heat treatment technologies
61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 for Industrial Machinery Spherical Roller Bearings developed by integrating NSK's materials, design and manufacturing technologies.
61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 will continue to develop highly reliable bearings that will lead to further productivity improvements in the papermaking industry, and it will continue to contribute to the development of the industry.
61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28
DISTRIBUIDORES: 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28

Product Model:

61025-29 YRX

Structure: roller bearing
Inside Diameter: 15 mm
Outside Diameter: 40.5 mm
Thickness: 28 mm
Seals Type: open
Material: chrome steel
Precision Rating: P5
Weight: 0.3 KG
Payment term: TT
Delivery time: 3DAYS

Bearing performance is not only determined by load or speed ratings. There are a number of other factors that contribute to bearing performance. To a large extent, performance is influenced by the geometry of the rollers, raceways and cages, the heat treatment, as well as the surface finish of all contact surfaces. Main factors which influence 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 performance include, but are not limited to:
Symmetrical rollers
Symmetrical rollers self-adjust , providing optimal load distribution along the roller length. This keeps stresses low under all load conditions and extends bearing service life.
Roller tolerances
The rollers in an 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for dimension and form. Each roller is virtually identical in size and shape to the other rollers in the set. This optimizes load distribution over the rollers to maximize bearing service life.
Special roller profile
The roller profile determines the stress distribution in the roller/raceway contact area. The special profile distributes loads more evenly along the rollers and prevents stress peaks at the roller ends to extend bearing service life .
Self-guiding rollers and a floating guide ring between the two rows of rollers Self-guiding rollers reduce friction and frictional heat . 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 floating guide ring guides unloaded rollers so that they enter the load zone in the optimal position.
Metal cages All 61025-29 YRX Eccentric Bearing 15×40.5×28 contain strong metal cages. This enables them to tolerate high temperatures and all lubricants.

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