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BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub  Mauritius Bearings 38x70x37mm

BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Mauritius Bearings 38x70x37mm

Bearing Model BAHB-636193C Type Double Ball Bearing Description...
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  • BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Mauritius Bearings 38x70x37mm

Product Description

Bearing Model BAHB-636193C
Type Double Ball Bearing
Description wheel hub bearing
Dimensions 38x70x37mm
d 38 mm
D 7035 mm
B 37 mm
mass 0.57 KG
Service NeutralAs per your request
Package Carton BoxesWooden CasesPallets
Stock Qty 3000 pcs
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1. Specifications:
Automotive wheel bearing:
Be used in series of cars, such as Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Fiat, BMW, Benz, Ford, Nissan, opel and etc.

DAC2042003029 565592
DAC205000206 156704
DAC255200206 617546A
DAC25520037 546467.576467 BT2B445539AA
DAC25520042 25BWD01
DAC25560020629 633280
DAC25560032 445979 BAH5000
DAC25600020629 633272
DAC2562002817 GB10827(SNR)
DAC2752004543 801437 27KWD02
DAC27600050 FW120 27BWD01J
DAC28580042 ? 28BWD03ACA51??
DAC286142 VKBA1346 28BWD01ACA60
DAC29530037 801023AB
DAC30580042 30KWD01AG3
DAC30600337 529891AB BA2B633313CA 30BWD07
545312.581736 434201B.VKBA1307
DAC30630042 VKBA1344 30BWD01AC70
DAC30640042 30BWD03ACA78
DAC30650021 522372 630374C4
DAC30670024 361971
DAC30680045 30BWD04CA19
DAC32720045 32BWD06
DAC32720345 32BWD05 P5A
DAC34620037 531910.561447 BAHB311316B.309724
DAC34640034 VKBA1382 34BWD03ACA78
DAC34640037 532066DE 605124.VKBA1306 34BWD04BCA70
540466B.805231 BA2B309726 34BWD11
DAC34660037 559529.580400CA 636114A.479399 34BWD10B
DAC356180040 DAC3562W
DAC35640037 BAH0042
DAC35650035 546238A BA2B443952.445620B
DAC35650037 35BWD19E
DAC35660032 445980A.BAH-5001A
DAC35660033 633676.BAH-0015
DAC35660037 544307C? 581010A 311309.BAH-0023
DAC35680037 430042C 633528F铁盖.633295B 35BWD21(4RS)
541153A.549676 BAH0031
DAC3568023330 VKBA1342 35BWD07A
DAC35720228 544033 441832AB
DAC35720033 548083 BA2B445535AE XGB 40714
548033 456162.446762B
DAC35720433 BAHB633669.BAH0013
DAC3572023331 562686 VKBA1343 35BWD06ACA111
DAC35720034 540763.548376A VKBA857 35BWD01C
DAC35740030 3507DTN
DAC35760054 35BWD10
DAC35770042 VKBA3763
DAC36680033 805172.BAH0087 FW22.VKBA1930 36BWD04
DAC36720034 VKBA1372 36BWD01C
DAC36720042 36BWD03
DAC3676002927 311142162 440190
DAC37720033 BAH0051B
DAC37720037 BAH0012AM5S
DAC37720237 527631 633028CB
DAC37720437 562398A.468683CA 633531B.BAH0012
DAC37740045 541521C 309945A 37BWD01B
DAC38680037 38KWD02
DAC38700037 ZFRTBRGHOO37 BAHB636193C
DAC381700037 BAHB636193C 38BWD19
DAC38700038 686908A 38BWD21CA53
DAC3871003330 FW135 38BWD09ACA120
DAC38710039 VKBA3929 38BWD22
DAC38720034 VKBA1381 38BWD04CA60
DAC3872003633 38BWD12
DAC3872023633 FW128.VKBA1191 38BWD12
DAC38720040 575069B VKBA1377
DAC38730040 VKBA3245 38BWD26E
DAC3874003633 574795A DAD3874368W 38BWD01ACA121
FW114.VKBA1341 38BWD15A
DAC3874023633 BAH-0041 38BWD01A1
DAC38740050 FW116; FWB116 38BWD06
DAC38740450 559192
DAC3880003633 38BWD18
DAC39680037 439622C.803374 BA2B309692 39BWD03CA69
528810.528820 BAHB311315 JRM39393968XD
540733BA BAFB447333BD 39BWD02
DAC39680637 540733CA BAHB311315AD
DAC39680837 39BWD02J
DAC39720037 524096 BA2B309639BA 39BWD01BCA81
542186A.581169 BAH0036 39BWD01L
DAC39720637 542186CA
DAC3974003634 395418
DAC39740039 579557 BAHB636096A 39BWD05
DAC39740039-4RS 581108CA? BAH0043
DAC3941750037 567447B BAHB633815A
DAC40720037 566719.455608 BAHB311443B
DAC40730055 BTH1024C
DAC4074003634 40BWD16
DAC40740036 40BWD15A
DAC40740040 801136.559493 FW102BAHB636060C 40BWD06D
DAC40740042 40BWD12CA88
DAC40750037 559494 BAHB633966E .BAH
DAC4076003328 539166AB 474743
DAC40764138 559226 FW124
DAC4080003634 FW101.BAHB636187CA 40BWD07A
DAC408000302 523854 440320H
DAC40800031 BA2B445469BA
DAC408000381 534682B 443096B
DAC401080032 17 TGB10872(SNR) BA2B445533.495333
DAC4168004035 41KWD01G3CA54
DAC42720038 BAHB1866047A
DAC4272003835 VKBA3235 42KWD02AG3CA123
DAC42750037 521771.533953

In recent years, the papermaking industry has been making great strides by enhancing the speed and the width of coverage of papermaking machines with the objective of boosting productivity. To reduce the amount of downtime caused by unexpected problems, customers demand high reliability from the BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm that are used in papermaking machines. BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm has developed a range of bearings that meet these demands, and the company's bearings are used in all sections of modern papermaking machines. In particular, BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm is supporting papermaking with two kinds of bearings:
・TL (tough and long life) bearings designed specifically for dryers. These were developed by taking full advantage of the company's material heat treatment technologies
BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm for Industrial Machinery Spherical Roller Bearings developed by integrating NSK's materials, design and manufacturing technologies.
BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm will continue to develop highly reliable bearings that will lead to further productivity improvements in the papermaking industry, and it will continue to contribute to the development of the industry.
BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm
DISTRIBUIDORES: BAHB-636193C Auto Wheel Hub Bearing 38x70x37mm

Product Model:


Structure: ball bearing
Inside Diameter: 38 mm
Outside Diameter: 70 mm
Thickness: 37 mm
Seals Type: open
Material: chrome steel and brass
Precision Rating: P5
Weight: 0.57 KG
Payment term: TT
Delivery time: 2-3days

Bearing performance is not only determined by load or speed ratings. There are a number of other factors that contribute to bearing performance. To a large extent, performance is influenced by the geometry of the rollers

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