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Best-selling  Eaton-Vickers Vane Pumps Best-selling  Eaton-Vickers Vane Pumps Best-selling  Eaton-Vickers Vane Pumps Best-selling  Eaton-Vickers Vane Pumps

Best-selling Eaton-Vickers Vane Pumps

22R2520V17A14-1CB-22R 20V-6A-1C-22R 4535V42A25-1AA22R 2520V17A14-1AA 20V-4A-1C-22R 4535V42A30-1AA22R 2520V14A8-1CC...
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Product Description

22R2520V17A14-1CB-22R 20V-6A-1C-22R 4535V42A25-1AA22R
2520V17A14-1AA 20V-4A-1C-22R 4535V42A30-1AA22R
2520V14A8-1CC 20V-2A-1C-22R 4535V42A35-1AA22R
35V-30A-1B-22R 45V-57A-86C-22R 4535V42A38-1AA22R
35V-30A-86C-22R V2020-1F8B8B-1CC-30 4535V45A25-1AA22R
35V-32A-86B-22R V2020-1F8B8B-1AA-30 4535V45A30-1AA22R
35V-38A-1B-22R V20201F8B8B1DD30L 4535V45A35-1AA22R
45V-42A-86C-22R V2010-1F13B5B-1AA-12-R 4535V45A38-1AA22R
45V-45A-86C-22R V2010-1F8S2S-1BB-12-R 4535V50A25-1AA22R
35V-45A-86C-22R V2010-1F11S3S-11AA-12-R 4535V50A30-1AA22R
45V-50A-86C-22R V2020-1F13B9B-1CC-30 4535V50A35-1AA22R
45V-60A-86A-22R V2020-1F7B7B-1CC-30 4535V50A38-1AA22R
45V-66A-1C-22R V2020-1F13B11B-1AA-30L 4535V60A25-1AA22R
45V-57A-1C-22R V2020-P-1F11S8T-11DC4H-30-R 4535V60A30-1AA22R
20V-3A-1C-22R V2020-1F13B6B-1AA-30 4535V60A35-1AA22R
20-5A-1C-22R V2010-1F13B2B-1AD-12-R 4535V60A38-1AA22R
20V-7A-1C-22R V2010-1F11B3B-1DD-12-R 4535V42A38-1BA22R
20V-9A-1C-22R 25V12A-11A-22R 4535V45A25-1BA22R
20V-11A-1C-22R 25V12A-1A-22L 4535V60A25-1CA22R
20V-14A-1C-22R 25V12A-1A-22R 4535V60A30-1CA22R
25V-12A-1C-22R 25V12A-1B-22L 4535V60A35-1CA22R
2520V17A8-1BB22R 25V12A-1B-22R 4535V60A38-1CA22R
2520V17A8-1CB22R 25V12A-1C-22R 4535V42A25-1CB22R
2520V17A8-1CC-22R 25V12A-1C22L 4535V42A30-1CB22R
2520V17A8-1CC22L 25V12A-1D22R 4535V42A35-1CB22R
2520V17A8-1DD22R 3525V-35A14-1CC-22R 4535V42A38-1CB22R
2520V17A8-86AA22R 3525V-35A17-1BC-22R 4535V45A25-1CB22R
35V25A-1A-22L 3525V-35A21-1CC-22R 4535V45A30-1CB22R
35V25A-1A-22R 3525C-38A14-1BD-22R 4535V45A35-1CB22R
35V25A-1A-22R-321 3525V-38A17-1BD-22R 4535V45A38-1CB22R
35V25A-1B-22R 3525V-38A21-1CD-22R 4535V50A25-1CB22R
35V25A-1C-22R 4520V-42A8-86CD-22R 4535V50A35-1CC22R
35V25A-1C22L 4520V-42A11-86DD-22R 4535V50A38-1CC22R
35V25A-1D22R 4520V-42A5-86DD-22R 4535V60A25-1CC22R
35V25A-1D22R-321 4520V-45A6-86CD-22R 4535V60A30-1CC22R
35V25A-86A 22R 4520V-45A8-86AD-22R 4535V60A35-1CC22R
4535V45A30-1CD22R 4520V-45A11-86CD-22R 4535V60A38-1CC22R
4535V45A35-1CD22R 4520V-50A5-86CC-22R 4535V42A25-1CD22R
4535V45A38-1CD22R 4520V-50A8-86AD-22R 4535V42A30-1CD22R
4535V50A25-1CD22R 4520V-50A11-86DD-22R 4535V42A35-1CD22R
4535V50A30-1CD22R 4525V-42A14-1AD22R 4535V42A38-1CD22R
4535V50A35-1CD22R V20-1P13P-11D-11L 4535V45A25-1CD22R
4535V50A38-1CD22R V20-1P11P-1A-11 20VQ-8A-1C-30
4535V60A25-1CD22R V20F-1P7P-38C-6H22 20VQ-8A-1A-22R08H00C
4535V60A30-1CD22R V20-1P9P-1C 3520V-35A5-1AB-22R
4535V60A35-1CD22R V20F-1P8P-38C-6H22 3520VQ25A11
4535V60A38-1CD22R 20V-8A-1C 3520VQF30E11 11CB10J 20

Power never sounds better than when it’s quiet—that’s why Eaton fixed displacement vane pumps with low-noise characteristics are an excellent choice for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications. Featuring modular designs for flexible displacement, mounting and port options, as well as cartridge kits engineered for easy interchangeability and repair, Eaton vane pumps excel globally in molding, material handling, construction, manufacturing and automotive industries.

V Series
Incorporating an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design technology, Eaton V Series pumps provide long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability. Preferred by engineers for indoor applications because of their extremely quiet 12-vane system, these pumps are so well-known for reliability and versatility that they are used all over the world in plastic injection molding, material handling, power units and other industrial applications.

VMQ Series
Handle the highest pressures at the lowest noise levels with Eaton VMQ Series fixed displacement vane pumps. With a unique bi-metallic wafer plate design that allows for the increase in viscosity and pressure rise even during cold start-ups, VMQ Series pumps handle higher pressures than vane pumps of similar design. This makes them the best choice for combines, balers and compacts, oil field equipment, winches and more.

V10 & V20
Field-proven Eaton V10 and V20 fixed displacement vane pumps are a common first choice for medium- to low-pressure mobile and industrial applications all over the world. Available with integrated flow control valves to simplify system design and installation, these pumps are not only widely used as pilot and auxiliary pumps for complex systems, but also the de facto standard for heavy-duty trucks and interstate buses.

Eaton VQ and VQH Series fixed displacement vane pumps feature an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design, providing long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability. These 10-vane systems share solid architectures and many available bearing and valve options, but the VQH Series has the added benefit of higher pressures and performance thanks to a new rotor design that reduces leakage and enhances rotor rigidity. VHQ Series pumps also use a strong, ductile iron housing that are the same envelope size as VQ Series pumps for more flexible integration.

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