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Best-selling  Eaton-Vickers Aluminum Gear Pumps

Best-selling Eaton-Vickers Aluminum Gear Pumps

26001-RZG 25500-RSA 26003-LZH 26001-RZH 25500-LSA 26003-LZJ 26001-RZJ 25500-RSB 26003-LZK 26001-RZK...
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Product Description

26001-RZG 25500-RSA 26003-LZH
26001-RZH 25500-LSA 26003-LZJ
26001-RZJ 25500-RSB 26003-LZK
26001-RZK 25500-LSB 26002-LZA
26002-RZA 25500-RSC 26002-LZB
26002-RZB 25500-LSC 26002-LZC
26002-RZC 25500-RSD 26002-LZD
26002-RZD 25500-LSD 26002-LZE
26002-RZE 25500-RSE 26002-LZF
26002-RZF 25500-LSE 26002-LZG
26002-RZG 25500-RSF 26002-LZH
26002-RZH 25500-LSF 26002-LZJ
26002-RZJ 25501-RSA 26002-LZK
26002-RZK 25501-LSA 26001-LZG
26003-RZG 25501-RSB 26001-LZH
26003-RZH 25501-LSB 26001-LZJ
26003-RZJ 25501-RSC 26001-LZK
26003-RZK 25501-LSC 26006-LZF
26004-RZA 25501-RSD 26006-RZG
26004-RZB 25501-LSD 26006-LZG
26004-RZC 25501-RSE 26006-RZH
26004-RZD 25501-LSE 26006-LZH
26004-RZE 25501-RSF 26006-RZJ
26004-RZF 25501-LSF 26006-LZJ
26004-RZG 25502-RSA 26006-RZK
26004-RZH 25502-LSA 26006-LZK
26004-RZJ 25502-RSB 26007-RZA
26004-RZK 25502-LSB 26007-LZA
26006-RZA 25502-RSC 26007-RZB
26006-LZA 25502-LSC 26007-LZB
26006-RZB 25502-RSD 26007-RZC
26006-LZB 25502-LSD 26007-LZC
26006-RZC 25502-RSE 26007-RZD
26006-LZC 25502-LSE 26007-LZD
26006-RZD 25502-RSF 26007-RZE
26006-LZD 25502-LSF 26007-LZE
26006-RZE 25503-RSA 26007-RZF
26006-LZE 25503-LSA 26007-LZF
26006-RZF 25503-RSB 26007-RZG
26005-LZK 25503-LSB 26007-LZG
26005-LZJ 25503-RSC 26007-RZH
26005-LZH 25503-LSC 26007-LZH
26005-LZG 25503-RSD 26007-RZJ
26005-LZF 25503-LSD 26007-LZJ
26005-LZE 25503-RSE 26007-RZK
26005-LZD 25503-LSE 26007-LZK
26005-LZC 25503-RSF 26008-RZA
26005-LZB 25503-LSF 26008-LZA
26005-LZA 25504-RSA 26008-RZB
26004-LZA 25504-LSA 26008-LZB
26004-LZB 25504-RSB 26008-RZC
26004-LZC 25504-LSB 26008-LZC
26004-LZD 25504-RSC 26008-RZD
26004-LZE 25504-LSC 26008-LZD
26004-LZF 25504-RSD 26008-RZE
26004-LZG 25504-LSD 26008-LZE
26004-LZH 25504-RSE 26008-RZF
26004-LZJ 25504-LSE 26008-LZF
26004-LZK 25504-RSF 26009-RZG
26003-LZG 25504-LSF 26009-LZG

Common applications include Turf Care, Agriculture tractors and harvesters, Lift trucks, Skid steer loaders, Fan drive systems, Steering circuits, Charge pump applications, Auxiliary work circuits, Industrial.Aluminum Gear Pump With a die-cast aluminum housing, end cover and flange protecting the fixed bushing internals, Eaton S26 and L2 gear pumps feature an incredibly rigid structure that can accommodate multiple functions. Available in displacements from 6.6 to 55.2 cc (0.40 to 3.37 in³) with maximum pressure ratings of 240 bar (3,500 psi) and input speeds up to 3600 rpm, these pumps pack a lot into compact, pre-engineered package. They’re a perfect fit for a variety of industrial and agricultural equipment applications.

Product Features
13-tooth gear profile increases efficiency
Optional relief and priority control valves ensure reliability
Multiple-section design promotes application flexibility

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