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Authorised Bearing Distributor is committed to maximizing its corporate value through pursuing "Quality and Reliability." We at Authorised Bearing Distributor believe our "Corporate Value" is the total sum of trust given to us by society and all stakeholders. To enhance this trust, we need to not only improve our business results and the soundness and transparency of management, but also become a company which enjoys an even higher level of trust from society. Therefore, it is becoming even more important for us to comply thoroughly with the rules of the business community (the "Rules").

The Rules are not limited to laws and regulations applicable to our business activities. They also include those rules that are generally recognized and respected in society. Today, as companies' role in the society grows more and more important, we should regard it as an essential part of the Rules that each constituent member of a company fully recognizes the notion of "Corporate Social Responsibilities" (CSR) and behaves in response to the trust of society.

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  • Re-export
  • South Africa,Brazil,Middle East,and ect.
  • 2000
  • 100000000,00USD
  • 1990
  • Distributor


Since the establishment of the Authorised Bearing Distributor, relying on superior geographical advantages, based on the three North, the radiation of the country, forming a stable sales network for many enterprises to provide high-quality bearings, seals, wire cutting related molybdenum wire, working fluid!
The strength of the company, rich inventory, adequate supply. Operating brands include: Sweden SKF bearings, Japan NSK Bearings, Germany FAG bearings, Japan NTN bearings, Japan IKO bearings, Germany INA bearings, the United States TIMKEN, Japan KOYO bearings, NACHI Fuji bearings and other world famous brands, the current sales of more than 30 Series of sealed products marketing the national chemical, power, military, pharmaceutical and other industries, praised by users at home and abroad. Another company on the market for a large number of imported equipment such as KSB, Warman, Sulzer, MUT and side mixing series such as Sharpe (blue), Chemineer, LIGHNIN (Lenin), EKATO supporting, and successfully run in major power plants. At the same time we also for the domestic related desulfurization pump manufacturers to provide a reliable, stable and mature FGD system dedicated mechanical seal. In addition, our company is Shandong bright licensing molybdenum wire distributor in Shanghai, the Great Wall brand molybdenum wire distributor in Shanghai, Nanjing Diamond licensing molybdenum wire distributor in Shanghai, Suzhou new morning licensing molybdenum wire distributor in Shanghai, Siping Zhong Sen. North Wei licensing molybdenum wire Shanghai Distributor, the company is widely used in automotive, lighting, semiconductor, electronics, medicine, energy, aerospace, high temperature furnace, glass and refractory materials and other industries!
"Integrity, quality" is our business objectives, "efficient and convenient" is our service concept. Truly to provide customers with convenient, the interests of the maximum service is our pursuit; always sincere cooperation and dedication, quality products dedicated to our customers is our goal, warmly welcome new and old customers patrons. Products are widely used: aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, steel, mining, electricity, machinery manufacturing, printing, electronics, textiles, food, chemicals, automobiles and other fields.
Customer requirements, is our pursuit of "the company will always be in a" first-class products, first-class service, leather and new, focus on the future "Over the years the state has always adhere to the" credibility from quality "and" trust from the professional "business philosophy , Has been tireless efforts. Based on now, look to the future, for every customer to provide a full range of services is our consistent purpose!


From the wide-ranging Rules, we have picked up and embodied in this "Authorised Bearing Distributor's WORLDWIDE CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT" (the "Code") those basic principles and ways of thinking that should be observed and followed no matter where we are located in the world. Together with "The Authorised Bearing Distributor Way", which conveys such values and strength as all members of Authorised Bearing Distributor should inherit over generations, the "Code" constitutes an important set of guidelines as to how we can make Authorised Bearing Distributor what it should be. The top management and employees of each Authorised Bearing Distributor company around the world as a global corporate citizen must carefully read, understand and abide by the Code.

As I always state, all members of Authorised Bearing Distributor are expected to make decisions regarding our business activities in accordance with the following principles, in the following order: Safety, Law, Quality, Delivery, and Cost.

Safety (and Health) and Law (Compliance) are given the highest priority over all other principles. You should find that in each workplace of Authorised Bearing Distributor there are posters of the "MESSAGE CONCERNING OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH" and "FIVE PRINCIPLES OF COMPLIANCE" on the office wall. The principles described therein are constant and unchanging.

Our Team

The Code consists of two parts. Part I is to clearly establish Authorised Bearing Distributor's compliance policies and to declare that all of Authorised Bearing Distributor's executives and managers shall adhere to those policies. Part II contains the specific and concrete descriptions of actions that all members of Authorised Bearing Distributor, including myself, must do or must not do to comply with the Rules. Obviously, this booklet has limited pages and it is not possible to cover all the Rules. Furthermore, details of the Rules may well differ from region to region or from country to country, even though the fundamental principles remain the same. Therefore, when handling particular matters, the executives and managers, as well as employees, of each Authorised Bearing Distributor company are expected to reconfirm what exactly are the relevant Rules in light of Authorised Bearing Distributor's basic stance and principles provided in the Code.

All members of Authorised Bearing Distributor should strive to create and maintain a safe and comfortable work environment where all employees of Authorised Bearing Distributor can do their jobs in good health, and comply with the Rules in order to make Authorised Bearing Distributor be truly trusted.