How to Deal with Bearing Faults

2019-08-21 16:50:43

Follow the actions below for an accurate and total analysis when exploring any bearing damage or system break downs. If you require help, contact one of our sales or service engineers.
1. Gather running information from birthing monitoring tools; analyze solution and also upkeep records and also graphes; and protected application layouts, graphics or design drawings.
2. Prepare an examination sheet to catch all your observations. Take photos throughout the treatment to aid file or describe the harmed elements.
3. Extract any used lubricant samples from bearings, real estate and also seal locations to determine lubricant problems. Plan it individually as well as label it properly.
4. Protect an example of new, extra lube. Videotape any type of requirements or set info from the container. Get the technical specs and also any kind of associated product safety and security data (handling, disposal, toxicological) documents to go along with lubricating substance shipments.
5. Examine the bearing atmosphere for exterior impacts, like various other devices issues, that preceded or took place at the same time bearing damage was reported.
6. Dismantle the tools (either partly or entirely). Videotape an evaluation of the placed bearing condition.
7. Evaluate other device aspects, especially the setting as well as condition of elements beside the bearing, including locknuts, adapters, seals and seal wear rings.
8. Mark and tape the mounted setting of the bearings as well as components before removal.
9. Action as well as validate shaft as well as real estate size, roundness as well as taper utilizing licensed assesses.
10. Adhering to removal, but prior to cleansing, record monitorings of lube distribution as well as problem.
11. Clean components and also tape-record the manufacturers' information from markings on the bearing rings (part number, serial number,date code).
12. Assess the problem of the interior rolling get in touch with surfaces, load areas and the matching exterior surfaces.
13. Apply preservative oil and repackage the bearings to avoid corrosion.
14. Assemble a summary record of all data for conversation with Timken sales or service designers.