On-line Repair of Sintering Machine Spindle Wear Steps

2019-08-22 09:55:45

Sintering machine spindle wear is one of the common problems of the equipment, but also an important problem affecting the operation of the equipment. Because of the large volume of equipment and inconvenience of disassembly, online repair technology is generally used for maintenance at present. As a result, Soleil industry uses carbon NANO-POLYMER materials to repair wear problems of various large equipment axles on site, and has achieved good results and enterprise recognition. Here's a look at the case and operation steps of repairing the wear of the sintering machine spindle in the industrial site of Soleil.

The 132_sintering machine in a sintering workshop of an ironmaking plant has been running normally since it was put into operation and expanded to 145. In recent years, the phenomenon of the truck arched by the trolley has been caused by the wear of the gear plate of the transmission shaft. In order not to affect the production enterprises, the reverse reversal of the transmission shaft is usually used to eliminate the phenomenon of the trolley arched. The enterprise found that the expansion sleeve device of sintering machine transmission gear shaft failed and caused the main shaft wear. During the renovation of the sintering machine using dust removal and environmental protection device, an overhaul company was entrusted to repair and replace the gear plate and expansion sleeve device of the sintering machine.

Steps of on-line repairing wear of sintering machine spindle with Sorrey carbon NANO-POLYMER material

1. Dismantling the transmission device and the box.

2. Remove expansion sleeve and transmission gear.

3. Check the wear size of the spindle and determine the repair datum.

4. The repairing part of the spindle is treated with baking oil until the oil is carbonized.

5. Use electric tools to grind the bulge size on the shaft, remove the metal highs and restore the basic size.

6. Harmonize Sorrey SD7101H carbon NANO-POLYMER material and apply it evenly and tightly on the repair site.

7. Scraping with knife-edge ruler or ruler extension datum size.

8. After solidification, the material is grinded until the dimension tolerance is restored.

9. Apply a small amount of Sorrey SD7101H carbon NANO-POLYMER material to the spindle matching part of the assembly expansion sleeve to tighten the bolt to the specified moment.

10. After heating and curing, the repaired part will start up and run.

11. In sintering machine operation, the phenomenon of arch lifting truck on trolley should be eliminated in time, and overturning and reversing of trolley should be avoided at the same time.