Wear Maintenance Technology for Bearing Position of High Temperature Fan

2019-08-22 10:18:01

In chemical industry, high-temperature fans generally have larger power, larger flow rate and higher rotational speed. In the process of fan operation, the precision of bearing components is high, and the dynamic balance adjustment of impeller is also very important. Because of the harsh working environment on site, once the lubrication system of bearings fails in the long-term operation process, the blower will have a serious impact on the production. The bracing side bearing of centrifugal high temperature fan in the back section of the production line of the enterprise is stuck, which causes the inner ring and shaft to sinter together and causes serious wear and tear to the bearing position.
Application Technology of Soleil Carbon Nanopolymer Material for Repairing Bearing Position Wear of Fan
Sorrey carbon NANO-POLYMER material repair technology utilizes the unique mechanical properties of carbon NANO-POLYMER materials and targeted repair process on-line repair including roller press, vertical mill, fan, hoist, motor, reducer and other large shaft wear.
The repairing process is simple: first, the worn surface is treated by using "Soleil Decoration and Repairing Technology". Then carbon NANO-POLYMER material is directly applied to the worn part, and the repairing material is formed by repairing tooling and cured after heating. The dimension of repairing material to the design dimension of bearing position meets the matching requirement of fan operation in this part.
Soleil carbon NANO-POLYMER material is similar to a cold welding technology. It will not produce high temperature in the online repair process. It can protect the equipment body from damage and is not limited by wear during the repair process.
In summary, Soleil carbon NANO-POLYMER materials have the advantages of high repair efficiency, on-line repair and low comprehensive repair cost in repairing shaft wear. It provides a powerful solution for enterprise equipment maintenance and maintenance, and greatly reduces the production cost of enterprises.