Performance Of Grease Lubricated Spherical Roller Bearing And Prediction Method Of Grease Life

2018-08-29 15:01:10

Spherical roller bearings are widely used in papermaking machinery, mining machinery, rolling machinery and other low-speed heavy-duty machinery and equipment. Under different working conditions, the contact type between the circular roller of spherical roller bearing and the spherical raceway of the ring presents different characteristics, and its mechanical and thermal analysis is more complicated. Spherical roller bearings are usually lubricated with grease, and the performance of grease-lubricated rolling bearings and the prediction of their life are difficult problems in the present research and application.

Research content and results include:
(1) On the basis of the mechanical analysis of double-row spherical roller bearings, a mathematical model is established to calculate the roller load distribution of the spherical roller bearing under radial load and the bearing axis trajectory under the condition of roller diameter error. The influence of the diameter error of a single roller and the diameter error of multiple rollers on the roller load history of spherical roller bearing and the bearing axis trajectory is systematically analyzed.
(2) on the basis of quasi-statics analysis of spherical roller bearing with radial load, the calculation method of hydrodynamic lubrication performance between spherical roller and cage straight window pocket hole is established. By simultaneously solving the two-dimensional Reynolds equation on both sides of the roller-pocket hole, the pressure distribution and oil film thickness distribution of the roller-pocket fluid dynamic pressure Lubricant film can be obtained. The influence of the inner ring speed, radial load, and the main geometrical parameters of the bearing on the hydrodynamic lubrication performance of the spherical roller bearing roller-pocket bore is studied by the concrete examples.
(3) based on the four-parameter rheological equation of Li-based grease, the calculation model of heating rate of double-row spherical roller bearing with grease lubrication is established by local method. The model comprehensively considers the roller-raceway contact heating, the cage-inner ring guide surface friction heating, roller-pocket friction heating and roller stirring oil fever. The influence of the inner ring speed, radial load, working temperature and bearing geometrical parameters on the heating rate of the spherical roller bearing with grease lubrication is systematically analyzed with the specific examples.
(4) on the basis of the mathematical model of the calculation of the heating rate of the spherical roller bearing with grease lubrication, the mathematical model of the transient temperature rise calculation of the grease lubricated spherical roller bearing-shaft-housing system is established by using the thermal network method. The model can numerically solve the calorific value differential equation, and get the temperature values of the rolling bearing-shaft-bearing system nodes at any time. The bearing temperature rise test shows that the theoretical calculation results are in agreement with the experimental results. The influence of the parameters such as the speed of inner ring, radial load, ambient temperature, bearing geometrical parameters, lubricating grease filling amount and grease type on the temperature rise of spherical roller bearing is analyzed by numerical simulation.
(5) The design and construction of a composite aluminum-based grease lubrication spherical roller bearing testing machine, and the different operating conditions of the grease aging process of full-size bearing test research. The changes of grease status in aging process were analyzed by means of infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscope analysis.
(6) The factors affecting the life of grease lubricated rolling bearing greases are analyzed, combined with the existing empirical formulae, the life calculation formula of composite aluminum base grease for spherical roller bearings based on steady-state temperature is summarized. The concept of average shear strength of grease is established, and the life calculation method of composite aluminum base grease for spherical roller bearings based on average shear strength of lubricating greases is constructed by summing up the test data. The research contents and results obtained in this paper can provide theoretical support for further research, optimization design and prediction of grease life for spherical roller bearings.

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