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2018-09-27 12:18:29

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Slewing bearing products are a new type of machine parts developed in the last 30 years. In the early 60, China began to apply slewing bearings to excavators and cranes. It is the connection between all the two parts need to be relatively rotating at the same time to withstand a variety of loads (axial force, radial forces, overturning moment) mechanical necessary transmission of the basic components, the quality of its direct impact or determine the quality and performance of mechanical products. At present, slewing ring has been widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing, and has made its own contribution to the development of China's machinery industry, which plays an important role in the construction of national economy.

As a key part of mechanical industry, slewing bearing is fluctuating because of the influence of mechanical industry on its market demand. The situation of machinery industry is related to the state's economic situation, investment policy, key project scale and project quantity. In 1993, due to the prevailing economic climate, the production, output, sales and total profit of mechanical products reached the best level in history, and the demand for slewing bearing increased sharply. The national production of slewing bearing about 16000 sets, only Xuzhou slewing bearing company on the production of nearly 10000 sets. In recent years, due to national economic adjustment and financial constraints such as the impact of factors. The decline of the host caused the demand of slewing bearing reduced, the market situation grim. 1997 Construction machinery began to start from the low, but with the production of Taiwan-funded plants and the increase in imported engineering machinery, domestic construction machinery market situation is still grim. From 1998 the national 36 billion yuan construction machinery Market survey can be seen, import and domestic construction machinery of the half of the data. And from the development point of view, because the former has a higher technical level and the high requirements of domestic projects, import and Taiwan-funded production of construction machinery accounted for more than the domestic construction machine Maple trend in 1999 the national economic situation is expected to be better than 1998, but for our construction machinery and supporting parts manufacturers, the outlook is not optimistic. The following is the slewing ring supporting several major host industries-excavators, truck cranes, tower cranes, metallurgy and port cranes to talk about the slewing ring market situation.

1 excavator

Since the 60 's, our country has started to produce excavators, the output of which has risen year by period, and from the initial mechanical transition to the current hydraulic type. Excavator manufacturing enterprises also from the original 六、七家 development to the present more than 30. Among them Taiwan nine, sole proprietorship. At present, the domestic excavator market is divided into three pieces: domestic manufacturers, Taiwan-funded and wholly-owned companies, foreign import machine. In recent years, with the country's infrastructure investment and the start of key projects, the demand for excavators increased year by month, the 1998 national excavator sales of up to 5000 units, more than 1997 growth of 25%, according to the analysis, is expected next year domestic excavator market sales situation is still optimistic.

However, in this situation optimistic behind, due to technical performance and product quality and reliability, and other reasons, domestic manufacturers of products have a slow situation, the Ministry of Construction system of the six excavator plant still wandering in the trough. Active in the market excavator is mainly Taiwan-funded and wholly-owned companies and foreign imports of products. Foreign imports, especially used hydraulic excavators, have continued to enter the Chinese market in recent years. Affected by the above factors, for excavators supporting slewing ring in recent years, production has been low, Xuzhou slewing bearing Company in 1998 for the excavator supporting slewing ring only 121 sets. In order to protect the national industry, the relevant people put forward two suggestions: 1) strictly controlling the import of small and medium-sized excavators, to eliminate the import of two mobile phones (for the national key construction projects required large excavators, a small amount of imports is still necessary). 2) Increase the support of the Ministry of Construction system of the six excavator enterprises. It is hoped that these two suggestions can arouse the high priority of the relevant government departments and formulate relevant policies. But the market is competition. Domestic excavator plant can not rely solely on policy protection, but should increase the strength and pace of technological transformation, the establishment of norms and the internal running machine dispute. Adjust the industrial structure, strengthen the quality management, as soon as possible to produce a "high quality, low price" national brand. This will also lead to the development of our slewing bearing products.

In the face of China's excavator market is gradually occupied by Taiwan-funded companies, and the rise of domestic excavators will take time to the present situation, for Taiwan-owned excavator supporting projects have become the primary issue of slewing bearing manufacturers. Taiwan-funded wholly-owned companies on the quality of the excavator kit requirements are very high, slewing bearing before the use of imported parts. In recent years, they have considered the actual situation of the Chinese market, decided to reduce costs, the use of superior performance of domestic components. This undoubtedly brings new opportunities to the accessory manufacturers. But they use the premise, must be the performance of advanced, high-quality products. Therefore, we must improve the technical performance, to ensure that product quality and price control moderate, and ensure good after-sales service, and strive to meet the requirements of supporting use. Xuzhou slewing Bearing Company in this area has taken the lead, starting from 1997 to start the work, walking in front of the industry. In the near future, Carter company confirmed that its BIC project (the Excavator project adapted to the Chinese market) was supported by the company after the inspection. Other joint-venture companies such as Komatsu Shantui and other wholly-owned enterprises have also inspected the company and treated the domestic supporting matters.

2 Truck Crane

China's automobile crane is one of the main industries of machinery industry. Starting from the late 50, the 70 's rapid development after the end of 1993 to reach the peak, the annual output of a variety of car cranes more than 5,700 units. By 1997, the production of a variety of tonnage of the car crane about 35,000 units for China's modernization has made an important contribution. But at the same time of rapid development, the contradiction between supply and demand is increasingly prominent. The main performance of the following aspects: 1. Less variety, 2) poor quality, 3) low level of specialization, lack of cooperation spirit; 4) serious lack of liquidity; 5) imported cranes have increased impact on the industry. Therefore, since 1994, due to the influence of national macro-control, the car crane dropped to last year more than 2,400 units, the industry overall losses. In the construction machinery, the truck crane faces the biggest difficulty, the estimate has reached the trough.

1998 with the recovery of the national economy, the car crane market has rebounded but slow start, the main manufacturers or losses slewing bearing is the necessary supporting parts of the car Crane, 1998 Xuzhou slewing bearing Company for the car crane supporting about 1300 sets, and only 1/2 of the normal year, in order to get out of the predicament at an early date, To promote the rise of enterprises, several major manufacturers in the industry have taken a number of new measures according to their current situation, such as Xu Chong aimed at the market, the development of high-tech market demand for new products, and actively adjust the product structure, strive to create brilliance; Pu Yuan factory put forward seven new concepts: Hardware "four new-new plant, new equipment , the software "three new"-New concept, new machinery, new management. The Puyuan factory signed a contract of 100 export 25t truck cranes in 1998. North plant to speed up the upgrading of products, is currently implementing the second phase of the CIMS project; long-term factory in the group's organizational structure and product structure adjustment, technical force is more abundant, the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel is high, and promote the pace of new product development. These are to China's automobile crane industry has brought vitality, supporting parts manufacturers should also adjust their own timely, quality and quantity, keep up with the pace of the host plant.

3-Tower Crane

Since the 80 's, China's national economy sustained rapid development, urban and rural construction needs continue to grow, especially in recent years proposed to the housing construction to cultivate a new growth point of the national economy, all these for the development of China's Tower Crane provides a new opportunity. Our country tower machine production enterprise Quantity many, according to 1995 Ministry of Construction issued the Tower machine production license statistic, at that time already had more than 220 enterprise forensics. However, in these enterprises, the annual output of more than 100 units (not including Derrick Tower Crane) Only 10 enterprises, mostly small enterprises and township enterprises, production quantity is small, breed single, low technology level. Joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned production of tower crane product price is too high, in our market share is very low. At present, the state of the tower crane Industry in China is: the basic specifications of varieties, product quantity also basically meet domestic use needs, the main performance has reached the level of foreign 80, but the quality needs to be further improved.

With the rapid development of tower cranes in China, the power of tower crane supporting industry has made great progress. 1998, our company for the tower crane industry supporting about 180 sets of slewing ring. In recent years, the new product development capacity of tower Crane has been greatly improved, especially at present according to the needs of construction engineering and technology development, has developed a special purpose and variant tower machine, which requires supporting manufacturers to keep up with the situation, the development of new products, to meet the needs of new tower Crane, continue to work for the development of tower cranes industry.

According to experts forecast: "95" and the next 15 years, the construction industry will be higher than the entire national economy at a rate of 2%-3% growth. By 2000, the construction industry total of 210 billion yuan, construction equipment annual demand will reach more than 2.3 million units. Such a bright future will certainly give the slewing bearing product market infinite vitality.

4 Other industries

In recent years, the application field of slewing bearing products has been expanded gradually. With the development of the national construction scale, the large diameter slewing bearing is widely used in port machinery, shipbuilding and other industries. "95" period, plans to new tons of more than 100 berths, new throughput capacity of more than 200 million tons. At the same time, a new container berth 30, container throughput capacity of 10 million TEU. In Qingdao, Ningbo, Zhoushan and other ports to build deep-water berths, new loading capacity of 30 million tons, on the ocean-going route gradually adopted 20~30 million tons of large ships. Inland waterway shipping is also in development: after the formation of the Three Gorges Reservoir, the million-ton fleet can be directly along the Yangtze River to Chongqing "95" period, plans to improve the inland waterway 2400 kilometers, the new vessel 160, the new throughput capacity of 42 million tons. Therefore, the port machinery used slewing support in the next few years will have a relatively large growth. Metallurgical mines are also a vast world. The state plans to build 9 large open-pit coal mines, "95" during the new 9 large open-pit iron ore, 4 copper mines, as well as chemical mines, building materials and other mines need a large number of high-performance engineering machinery, oil development also requires considerable engineering machinery. High-altitude fire truck, cement machinery and so on need slewing support. These special cases are used by the host to use the slewing ring to have a higher quality. Therefore, we should further improve product quality, to ensure user requirements, as soon as possible to replace imported products.

In the three quarter of 1998, the state issued 100 billion yuan of government debt for capital investment, and the macro-control and monetary tightening policy, which lasted more than four years, had begun to loosen; in the four quarters, the country set a 1999-year total fixed assets of 3.33 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.5% from 1998, National GDP grew at a rate higher than 8% in 1998, and Banks ' deposit and loan rates were down 0.5% per cent to spur consumption. The above facts indicate the arrival of a new round of economic development in the country, and the construction machinery industry will have a good development momentum in 1999. We must seize the opportunity to rely on the strength of development, to meet the challenges, open up domestic and international markets. To adapt to the needs of market development, new product development and product quality improvement as a breakthrough, expand the scale, improve market share, so that slewing bearing products cover the domestic market, striding towards the world.

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